Winnebago Industrial Strength

  • Since 2003: Industries in Winnebago have contributed $36,000,000 in capital investments. These improvements to facilities and equipment are expanding our taxbase and stablizing our workforce.
  • We have excellent Water and Wastewater systems with additional capacity to suit your needs.
  • Highly desireable locations on US 169 and recently reconstructed State 109.


Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.  
Continental Carbonic was established in 1976 and is a manufacturer and marketer of dry ice and liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2). The Company operates five (5) manufacturing facilities and sells dry ice from twenty-one (21) locations. The Company services customers throughout 30 states in a variety of industries, including food processing, meat and poultry packing, wholesale food distribution, in-flight catering, and municipal water treatment. CCarbonics
Corn Plus  
Corn Plus is one of the largest ethanol plant in the State of Minnesota, producing 49 million gallons annually.  Corn Plus is locally owned, supported, financed, and marketed, and actively is researching various areas of corn oil extraction and Biotechnology in the extraction of medical protiens, corn germ extraction, and value-added corn gluten products.  Corn Plus's innovation in value-added ethanol production is of national significance; its new fluidized bed is the only of its kind in the world. CornPlus
Crown-Tonka, Inc - Everidge  
CrownTonka / Everidge has been manufacturing Walk-in Coolers and Freezers since 1963. Custom designs -- indoor, outdoor, angular, rectangular or any combination are all available in a variety of finishes and in varying thickness. We serve the supermarket, warehouse, convenience store, food service and floral industries with coolers and freezers. Our panels are also widely used for environmental and industrial applications. Our modular construction allows for easy remodeling, relocation or expansion. CrownTonka

Minnesota Electric Technology, Inc.
A leading manufacturer of standard and custom permanent magnet DC motors for OEM customers worldwide who require unique design or higher performance and reliability than similar motors found in marketplace. Whether you are looking for a prototype or production units, contact us.... MinnesotaElectricCompany