Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago (ATCW)

Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago (ATCW)
ATCW is located in the rural community of Winnebago, Minnesota. It is a 24-bed facility geared to provide assessment, primary and extended care treatment for chemical abuse and dependency to both young men and women 12 to 19 years of age.

We view and treat chemical dependency as a primary, progressive disease that, if left untreated, is both debilitating and eventually terminal. It is a family illness that ruins family relationships and reduces family members' ability to function effectively.

We have demonstrated that chemical dependency is a treatable disease. Each individual entering ATCW must undergo a pre-admission screening. This is completed within seven days prior to admission and is provided to the Program Director and a designated counselor.

Primary care usually lasts from 30 to 38 days. During this time, the client's schedule is tailored to fit a precise, individualized treatment plan. This includes both individual and daily intensive therapy group sessions, lectures on spirituality, sexuality, family relationships, and other specific recovery areas. Other assignments are self evaluation, chemical use history and examination of one's values.

Exposure to 12 step self-help support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics and their principles, concepts and fellowship are a regular part of primary care. Step discussion groups are held and written assignments done daily.

Other important activities include in-house instruction by state licensed teachers, involvement of home school in education planning and innovative approaches to educating adolescents who are behind in classes or considered to be learning disabled.

Recreational therapy is another important part of the program. Activities include volleyball, basketball and aerobics. Mental health activities are also popular, particularly chess, board and card games. And, socializing is encouraged; games and abstinence parties are in demand.

Family participation in the treatment program is highly encouraged from the time of admission. Family Week is routinely scheduled as a part of treatment. It is one of the most intense, interesting and involving phases of the treatment program. During this period, parents are advised of what expectations they may have regarding program results. Videos, lectures, discussion and client with family therapy groups help educate families in the signs and symptoms of chemical use problems. Family Week also serves to help identify the changes necessary for ongoing adolescent and family recovery.

There are occasional clients who have trouble attaining or using the skills necessary to function successfully in the home or community. When this happens, it is in best interest of the client to offer additional therapy rather than return him or her to the home environment without the much needed self-knowledge, attitudes, and discipline.

The ATCW Extended Care Program was established in response to this special needs group to provide continuity from inpatient treatment to the home community. Lengths of stay are highly individualized. A combination of in-house chemical dependency services and community resources, case planning and consultation, along with ongoing family involvement, are key elements in service provision and quality.

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ATCW is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Minnesota Department of Health, and is JVAHO accredited. Admission to ATCW is covered by most health insurance plans. A division of United Hospital District.

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