Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.

cont_carbonicsContinental Carbonic was established in 1976 and is a manufacturer and marketer of dry ice and liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2). The Company operates five (5) manufacturing facilities and sells dry ice from twenty-one (21) locations. The Company services customers throughout 30 states in a variety of industries, including food processing, meat and poultry packing, wholesale food distribution, in-flight catering, and municipal water treatment.

The Company also provides full service support for dry ice blast cleaning. As a Cold Jet dealer, the Company sells dry ice blast cleaning equipment and offers dry ice blast cleaning contract services. All of the company’s locations stock high quality, high-density dry ice blasting pellets that are suitable for use in all makes and models of dry ice blast equipment.

Continental Carbonic This product is recycled from industrial byproduct sources and as a result the Company and the use of its products are not greenhouse contributors.
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