Winnebago Area Community Club - formerly Chamber of Commerce

Winnebago Area Community Club mission statement:

“Winnebago community members and businesses working together to promote local activities, business events, and commerce for the mutual benefit of Winnebago and the surrounding areas.”

Just a few months ago, the Winnebago Area Community Club was formed. The goal of

the Community Club is to bring residents, community members, and businesses together on

the same page in their efforts to promote our wonderful community. Great things already

happen here in Winnebago including Bago Fun Fest, Frosty Fest, Easter Egg Hunt,

Community Thanksgiving Dinner, and more. We also have great city parks that include a

skate park, swimming pool and ice skating, an amazing museum and a fabulous library. As

the Winnebago Area Community Club moves forward, we would like to continue to promote

these wonderful aspects of our community as well as offer even more events, activities, and

community service projects that will only add value to our community and bring even more

people together in a positive way.

If you have great ideas or would like to offer your help in promoting and assisting with

any of the current city-wide events, please join us! Our meetings are held quarterly and

membership dues are listed below. The Winnebago Area Community Club is in the process

of developing a 501(c)(3), non-profit, charitable organization and membership dues are used

to help fund all these wonderful events.


2019 Membership Dues Schedule:

$25.00 per person $35.00 per couple

$50.00 for one employee $100.00 for 2-10 employees

$200.00 for over 10 employees $25.00 for non-profits


For more information, please see our Facebook Page: Winnebago Area Community Club,

or get in touch with any of the following club officers:

President: Scott Robertson Vice President: Bert Howard

Secretary: Jessi Sturtz Treasurer: Don Selvig

Follow us on facebook.

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